Wordle v0.9

Wordle is a free game for PocketPC which is similar to Boggle. It has a built-in dictionary, allowing only real words to be entered. It also tracks your best boggle games!

About Wordle

Wordle is a game for PocketPC similar to Boggle. In Wordle, you find words in a grid of letters. Wordle is still under development. Let me know if you fid any problems/bugs, or have suggestions!

Also available for Windows PCs


Wordle is free. You may redistribute it provided you distribute the complete distribution, including documentation, without any modifications. Wordle comes without warranty of any kind.

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How do I install it?
Download the .zip file above to your PC. Unzip it and then copy the .CAB file inside onto your PocketPC. Then, on your PocketPC, run File Explorer and click on the .CAB file. Wordle will then be installed.
It takes a long time to start!
Upgrade to version 0.95 or newer.
It doesn't work!
Make sure you have the compact framework installed. It won't run without it. I've also gotten reports that Wordle requires PocketPC 2002; earlier versions may not work. I have not tested it on PocketPC 2003 devices.

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