JConnect4 is a Java implementation of the classic board game "Connect Four"(TM). You can play it online now or download it and play it offline.

About JConnect4

JConnect4 is a clone of the classic board game Connect Four (TM). It features a very strong computer player with several different adjustable levels. It's written in Java, so you can play it online now or download it and run it whenever you want.

I wrote this ages ago. It's not really a properly behaving Java applet, and it might not run on your browser. And most unfortunately, I've lost the source code, so I can't modernize it. G'luck!


JConnect4 is free. You may redistribute it provided you distribute the complete distribution, including documentation, without any modifications. JConnect4 comes without warranty of any kind.

Current version:


Double clicking on JConnect4.jar doesn't run the program!

First, you need to have a JVM installed. You can download one at java.sun.com. Second, your file type association must be correct.

  1. Ensure that a JVM is installed. Under the start menu, select Search and search for a file named "java.exe". Write down the location of this file. It might look something like: C:\Program Files\JRE\bin\java.exe.
  2. Double click on My Computer, go to the Tools menu, Folder Options, File Types tab.
  3. Scroll down and select JAR extension.
  4. Click advanced. Click "open" under Actions, then the "Edit..." button.
  5. Click on the "Browse..." button and select the program named java.exe that you found in step 1.
  6. In the second box (Application used to perform action), add the following at the very end: _"-jar"_"%1", where _ is a space. *DO* enter the quotation marks. Close the windows. Double clicking on .jar files should now work.
There are a few bugs, like I can't close the window using the "X" box
Sorry. I'd fix them if I could, but I've misplaced the source for this program!

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