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Hi, I'm Ed. This is the home for my one-man software shop. Everything's free. Nothing's crippled. Some of it's very good, some of it... not so much. Perhaps you'll find something you like.

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WordlePC - A terrific Boggle-style game!
WinMD5 - compute MD5 hashes
JConnect4 - Connect Four implementation
Decrypto - Solve cryptograms
Wordle - Boggle(TM) type game
PassMan - Password generation/storing
Subscript - Math/Programming environment
JConnect4 - Connect Four implementation
WebDecrypto - Solves cryptograms online
Pesto - MIPS ISA simulator
SprintChecker - Scripts for checking Sprint PCS minutes
TivoCrack - Information and software for cracking Tivo backdoor passwords.
Wattlet - A simple gnome panel that displays the current battery power consumption, using ACPI.
JUniq - A Java application for finding and deleting duplicate files

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