About the Hydrophiles web site


This site is run on a now-historical PowerMac 7500 running LinuxPPC. This machine hosts several other websites too. It has a very small hard disk and a woefully inadequate amount of memory. But it runs!


The HydroPhiles website was first introduced in October, 1998 under the name "Super Soakers: A Ridiculous Review". Since then, the number of reviewed models has tripled. We are now so ridiculous that we changed our name to "HydroPhiles" in January of 2000. The two original founders, Ed and Carly, are still the sole maintainers, which is the way we like it!

Our goal is to review as many different water toys as possible, from all manufacturers. We are not paid by any manufacturers, nor are we paid by anyone else to do the work on this website. Some manufacturers (Larami, in particular) have graciously donated models to us so that we can expand our database.

Site Technology

The page has grown in sophistication. We now use MySQL and PHP3 to generate many of the content pages dynamically. Before we did this, we were suffocating under unholy quantities of HTML.

We plan on adding many more features to the website as time goes on, too!

All content Copyright (C) 2000 by Edwin Olson and Carly Kastner. All rights reserved.